Address from Leaders

Address from Mr Fu Chengyu, Chairman of SINOPEC

Chairman Fu ChengYu

It was 13 years ago when SIPC was founded and entrusted with the task of the International Strategy and Resource Strategy of SINOPEC.

With years of arduous international endeavors, SIPC has made remarkable and solid presence in Africa, South Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Russia& Central Asia, and North America. Its international portfolio features balanced components of oil and gas, onshore and offshore, conventional and unconventional assets, and a sequenced replacement of resources.

I am delighted to see that SIPC was able to maintain its robust growth momentum in 2012, in terms of reserves, production, revenues and profits. At the same time, it also fulfilled its commitments to host countries, local communities, partners, and employees in realizing harmonious development and environmental protection. As an acknowledgement of its achievements and contribution, SIPC was awarded the “Special Contribution Award” of SINOPEC for the fourth year in a row. Congratulations to SIPC!

International petroleum exploration and production has been a key strategy of SINOPEC over the years. I hope that SIPC, as the undertaker of this task, could live up to the expectations of SINOPEC and deliver the deliver the best results in quality as well as economic benefits. SIPC shall stay committed to green and low carbon initiatives to realize world-class HSSE performance and safe and clean development. SIPC will also support cross-cultural integration among Chinese and international employees and win-win cooperation with host countries.