Social Responsibility Management


●    Enhancing Social Responsibility Management, Innovate Responsibility Fulfillment Method

In 2012, under the guidance of the social responsibility management system of Sinopec Group and the overall strategic objectives of SIPC, SIPC establishes the Social Responsibility Management Committee so as to promote the administration and management of social responsibility to a system level and to enhance the width and depth of staff to fulfill social responsibility.

The Social Responsibility Management Committee operates an Administrative Office, which is responsible to horizontally coordination each functional department of the Company HQ and vertically guide each overseas establishment in social responsibility fulfillment.


●    Exerting Brand Influence, Establishing Public Welfare Foundation Platform

It is the common wish of all staff of Sinopec Group to establish the Group as a “Highly Responsible and Highly Respected” enterprise. As a model of internationalized operation, Addax Company positively show and act, and establishes the highly responsible image of Sinopec and spares no efforts to establish the brand impact of internationalized operation of Sinopec through Sinopec Addax Public Welfare Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated in the public welfare activities on health, education and environment in undeveloped areas of Africa and Middle East. In 2012, the Foundation has organized 15 public welfare activities. Such activities are spread all across Africa and Middle East such as Cameroon, Zambia, Uganda, Morocco, Togo, Iraq and Nigeria.

The Foundation applies advanced international public found management mode. Addax Company provides sources for the Foundation with its own sustainable development capability. The development of public welfare activities are co-organized by NGOs with favorable international reputations. This can radically guarantee the utilization of funds as well as the effectiveness of the public welfare activities. The Foundation has been widely recognized and highly respected by the governments, local citizens, media and partners. It has also established the company image of Sinopec as a responsible international company, won valuable reputation resources and created favorable external environments for the operation of oil and gas assets. In addition, it has also made its own contribution for the normal development of multinational friendship.​