Public Welfare Records

●   Belief in “One Team One Goal”

With regard to the increasingly aggravated security conditions, SIPC Syria Company adjusts contract relations in the special period and appropriately arranges the local staff teams. Through several discussions with partners, a new labor channel of direct staff recruiting of the joint venture company is established. And the corresponding wages and welfare methods are revised accordingly. Meanwhile, treatments have been increased to retain the key talents. The Company makes unscheduled invitation to them for a trip to Beirut, where they meet with Chinese on-duty staff and exchange ideas on working, security condition and even the individual issues in a more comprehensive and in-depth manner. Considering the actual difficulties of the turbulent conditions, upon research, OPC Damascus working hours are adjusted consolation articles and funds are issued. The alternated “family medical aid method” just carries the humanistic cares. This has deeply moved local staff and they all express that “The responsibility of “One Team One Goal” should be fulfilled no matter how great the difficulties are.


●    Localization for Internationalization

SIPC Kazakhstan Company was established in 2004. Kazakhstan shares many similarities in historic and cultural backgrounds with China. The Kazakhstan Company applies the corporate culture of Sinopec Group to concentrate foreign staff and explores an internationalized operation path of “We Take Initiative”. The Chinese staff often introduce China and Sinopec to foreign staff, assign foreign staff for field visit in Daiqing Oilfield. To promote the fine style of “Three Sincerity, Four Strictness and Four Unity”, the Company specially assigns foreign staff for field study in Daqing Oilfield in winter and makes them experience the precise styles and enthusiastic spirit of staff in Daqing Oilfield on the frozen and snow-covered land. Every year, the Company would organize Chinese and Kazakhstan staff for outing on holidays and festivals. It also organizes large-sized New Year and Spring Festival evenings as well as celebration events for Chinese and Kazakhstan festivals and holds birthday parties for each staff. It also fully respects local folks and cultures. The Sheep Sacrificing Ceremony is held before the kick-off of construction of important projects to deepen affections among different ethnic groups.


●    Regarding Alien Land as Homeland

People regard food as their prime want. SIPC Colombia Scared Lake Company makes organic combination of the social responsibility of enterprise with local agriculture development and recruits agricultural experts to make research and guidance on aspects such as local planting development and agricultural marketing sales. The Company develops greenhouse tomato planting as well as tropic featured agriculture mainly on coco with regard to the superiorities of sufficient rainfall and good soil conditions. The Company also provides advanced fishing devices and technologies for fishing practitioners and constructs scale-based bee cultivation and large poultry farms in some communities. To solve the deep processing issues of agricultural products, the Company also initiates the union of agricultural marketing sales and unifies over 50 local companies to make fixed point purchasing and processing on agricultural products, which has solved the worries of local citizens.


●     Door-to-door Doctor and Gardener Services

Most of overseas projects of the Company are located in developing areas, where the local citizens are in relative poverty and the medical and education conditions are relatively poor. SIPC utilizes various resources to provide “door-to-door doctor and gardener services”. During the construction operation of Gabon Company, a local village head was suddenly attached by acute gastroenteritis. However, the nearest city to the village still requires a two-hour water transportation. Villagers immediately turned to the drilling team of Sinopec for help. The doctor with the team made a detailed enquiry on the causes of illness of the village head, made careful inspections, took preliminary drug therapy measures and immediately report and communicate with the senior management. Under the coordination of Party A and the project principal of the contractor, the on-duty speed boat of the team was allocated to take the village head to hospital in Port Gentil for further treatment. After the villager head was cured, he would embrace the staff of Sinopec warmly whenever meeting them and express his appreciations. He said: “It is the Chinese that give me a second life.”


●    Efforts for Zero Pollution and Damage in Operation

The Amazon Tropical Rainforest, known as the “Lung of the Earth” is the ideal land for many rare animals and plants. Ecuador Andes Company is just located in the National Natural Reserve in the middle of the rainforest. The Company bears mutual influence with over 100 local communities, including several original aborigine tribes. To preserve the greater treasury of species left by the great nature to the humans with heart and soul, Andes Company gives priorities to environmental protection in the construction of harmonious oil production area. A modernized waste treatment plant is established in the oil area. Advanced biodegradation technologies are applied to dispose the polluted soils for zero damage of environments. Before and during the operation, the Company initiatively applies technologies of satellite clout pictures and surface three-dimensional images in environmental protection and later period plantation recovery. Oil drainage control points are added along the external crude oil transportation pipelines of the oil area so as to better dispose oil drainage accidents. In addition, the Company invests forest control points to prohibit wanton felling of trees and protect the vegetation of the oil area. The Company also initiatively invites the local governments and media for field observation and guidance so as to put the environment protection directly under the social supervision. The constant efforts of Andes Company have been sufficiently affirmed by local governments, citizens and media. It has been awarded “EHS Best Foreign Company for Community Affairs” by Ecuador government and the Ministry of Petroleum and Mines.


●    Our Place, Our Responsibility

Our Place (NUESTRO LUGAR in Spanish) is a social responsibility project brand under proprietary intellectual property rights of SIPC Argentina Company. However, in the oil site of Argentina Company, for multiple reasons, problems such as violence and drug addiction are quite common among adolescents, while there lacks of communication. Based on such conditions, Argentina Company set about to establish the “OUR PLACE” so as to provide social intercourses on health, education and recreation for local adolescents by fixed activity place named “Our Place”, help them better understanding the natural resources and cultures of their own country, provide information technology services, learn various skills. Solve various ideology problems of adolescents by dialogue and consultation and aid them to form good habits.

In the past four years, over 5,400 person-time adolescents have participated in various activities organized by “Our Place”. On average, every day there’re 70 adolescents are participating various activities of “Our Place” such as technical forum, music, performance, movie and television, dancing, singing, writing, painting, animation, digital editing and drawing at “Our Place”. “Our Place” has also established a dedicated website with a daily average click rate of 105 times. “Our Place” also works with local communities and schools and invites local students to participate in the activities. School teachers work as tutors to assist in communication among students and teachers. Meanwhile, some social adolescents are also covered. Some NGOs, companies and other individuals also take such platform for community activities. “Our Place” has not only benefited citizens and adolescents of local communities but also won favorable reputation for Sinopec as a responsible international enterprise. All participants have spoken highly of “Our Place”.

●    Food Bank

SIPC Canada Company has established a unique “Food Bank”, which is partly funded by the Company and partly raised by the staff spontaneously. Foods are gathered from staff and donated to the “Food Bank” so as to aid the local people in poverty. More than recruiting the aborigines, the Company also invests on aspects such as library, gym and educational instruments to support education on aborigines and positively promote economic development of aborigines in local community. According to statistics, in 2012, the total amount of denotation by Syncrude was as high as CAD 6 million (about RMB 38 million), which covers several fields such as education, community, medical treatment and aborigine and has been spoken highly of and widely recognized by the local governments and citizens.

●    Supporting and Encouraging Staff to Participate in Public Welfare Activities

Gao Xiang from the Information Department of the HQ of SIPC is a typical Beijing native. He still remembers the pure blue sky, fresh green plants and shiny waters in his childhood. But now, it is a great “pain” for him of the rampant haze, dust and garbage. Twelve years ago, when Gao Xiang was still studying in college, he happened to come into contact with the “Saving Tibetan Antelope” Program, which was organized by the Greener Beijing, a civil environmental protection organization originated from the Internet. Since 2005, Gao Xiang would go to Jiaozhuanghu of Shunyi with other volunteers of Greener Beijing at their own expense and plant green trees on the bare mountains every spring. Though having working on lots of matters related to environmental protection, he said: “I’m not an ‘apologist’ for environmental protection and I don’t have special ‘tips’ on environmental protection.” Environmental protection has become his DNA as well as an irreplaceable style for him. For Gao Xiang, environmental protection is just a matter of consciousness, for example, bring one’s own chopsticks when eating out, making double-sided printing to save papers, recycle waste and used batteries, making proper garbage classification … Every work and action of him has influenced his friends and colleagues. Someone say: “As influenced by Gaoxiang, I only change the water after all the water in the water dispenser runs out. And I would turn off my office lights when I go downstairs for meals. I can obviously sense the change in a subtle manner.”​