Denotation on Expansion of Health Center

OnJuly 3, SIPC Angola Company presents the opening ceremony of the completion ofexpansion of Irene Health Center in the suburb of Luanda of Angola. The IreneHealth Center is a medical system constructed by the local NGO DivinaProvidencia and is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases suchas malnutrition and phthisis. The main clients are those with low incomes ofthe community. The expansion project is demoted by Angola Block 18 with a totaldonation amount of USD 260,000. As a partner of the Block, SSI has alsoparticipated in the denotation and purchased in a batch of new laboratoryequipments, which greatly improves medical conditions and practically brings benefitsfor local citizens.

For long, SIPC Angola Company has been attachingimportance on establishing favorable relationship with local communities whileintensifying productions and operations and has positively fulfilled its socialresponsibilities and rewarded local citizens. This May, a primary schoolinvested and constructed by SSI was put into operation in Cuanza Norte Provinceof Angola, which has remarkably improved the local education conditions.

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