Enthusiastic in Public Welfare Undertakings; Adding More Hopes

To promote the development of SinopecAddax Public Welfare Foundation in global social welfare undertakings andpublicize the brand image of Sinopec as a highly responsible international oilcompany, recently, Sinopec Addax Public Welfare Foundation successfully holdsthe first 2013 Addhope Forum in Geneva of Switzerland. The Forum fully highlightsthe importance of development of social public welfare undertakings and thepartnership thereof. It also boosts multilateral and multiple dialogues betweenenterprises and external circles, and creates favorable space for experiencesharing and understanding of multiple corporation. Totally 145 public figuresfrom governmental departments, NGOs, enterprises, academic circles and mediaparticipate in the Forum and share the successful experiences and practices.

Mr. Zhangyi, Chairman of Sinopec AddaxPublic Welfare Foundation and CEO of Addax, expresses the long-term strategieson social responsibility as well as the firm faith and determination in publicwelfare undertakings. Wu Haitao, Ambassador of Permanent Mission to the U.N. of Chinaaddresses on the Forum. He affirms the contributions of China to globaleconomies as the largest developing country of China as well as the permanentgoal of sustainable development for the future. He also affirms the excellentachievements obtained by Sinopec Addax Public WelfareFoundation.

By means of newsrelease, focus discussion, themed lecture, free debate, informationconsultation, communication platform, media interview, etc., the Forumorganizes wide communication and discussion on highlights such as cooperationopportunity, risk management, project monitoring auditing, interactive platformconstruction, new project development and sustainable development. Participantsof each country, local government, international organizations in Switzerlandas well as media in Europe and Africa all speak highly of and widely recognizethe Forum. From their point of views, the successful holding of the Forum hassufficiently embodied the long-term strategy of social responsibility anddevelopment of public welfare development of Sinopec Group and established theimage of Sinopec Group as an excellent international oil company.

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