Denotation on Education, Spreading of Love

To carry forward the tradition virtuesof the Chinese nation, show the responsible image of SIPC and answer the callof the Working Committee of the Labor Union of the Group of educationdenotation and aiding of “Love Station”, on March 27, the Company issues anotice, which lifts a wave of donation. Presently, the Company has received 38computers, 2 DVD players, 1 projector, 1 camera and 47 children books foroutside reading of various types. The photo is the counting of detonatedarticles by Company staff.

Internal Sunshine of Spotless Mind,External Hope of Endless Love

 “Thankyou for your generous denotation, we have a chance to help those who are mostneeded for cares and supports in the society. Your kindness has also deeplyencouraged the determination of us to continue devoting ourselves into socialpublic welfare undertakings.” Recently, the Company receives a letter of thanksfrom the leading official of “Caritas”, which warms the hearts of Addax staffwhile they’re giving warmness to others.

In 2013 when the New Year celebration isabout to end, Sinopec Addax Public Welfare Foundation initiated a publicdenotation event named "Addhope Christmas Tree". The Company callsAddax staff to collect cold defending clothes and uniformly denote to a reliefaction by a local NGO named "Caritas". Caritas is an NGO establishedin 1942. The “Social Warmness Relief Action” organized by it mainly providefree clothes, shoes and beddings for the poor population.

With the positiveparticipation, about 100 suites of clothes are collected. Such clothes will bedistributed to local poor citizens and children. Patricia Linare, leadingofficial of Caritas, also sent a letter of thanks to the Executive DirectorMary of Sinopec Addax Public Welfare Foundation, in which the initiative andpositivity of Addax in social public welfare undertakings is highly appraised.

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