Development and Poduction


Based on overseas reservoir types, development characteristics and technical requirements, domestic and foreign mature technologies are introduced to create supporting technologies that are“ advanced, economic, practical, systemintegrated and scalable”


Oil sand development technique

Deepwater development technique

CBM development technique

Reservoir description technology


Oil Drilling & Production Technology

Efficient wellbore-lifting Incorporated technology

Reservoir protection technology in whole process

Water shutoff and profile modification in Water flooded reservoir


Surface facilities technology

Complex surface facilities construction Incorporated technology in Onshore

Marine engineering technology in oil and gas fields in offshore


Special Oil & Gas Reservoir Development Incorporated Technology

Deep and fractured bedrock Carbonate-rock heavy oil reservoirs development Incorporated technology

Horizontal well efficient Incorporated technology in gas cap,bottom water and thin oil ring reservoirs

Oil sands development Incorporated technology

Coal Mine Gas development Incorporated technology

Gas condensate reservoir development Incorporated technology