Strategic Policy

HSE Policies
  • Safety First and Prevention Foremost.
  • Full Mobilization and Comprehensive Management.
  • Environment Improvement and Health Protection.
  • Scientific Management and Sustainable Development.

HSE Strategic Objectives

To minimize hazards of health, safety and environment in operations under the principle of ALARP, and strive towards the overall goal which describes as “no accident, no harm to people and no damage to the environment”.

HSE Commitments

HSE is the responsibility of the executive level. Outstanding HSE performance is dependent on perfect facilities and equipment as well as strong leaders, high-caliber staff, positive HSE culture and a strong sense of HSE. Therefore, SIPC is committed to:

  • Abiding by local laws and regulations and respecting local folk customs and religious beliefs wherever it conducts or participates in operations.
  • Identifying and evaluating hazards in accordance with international standards, and carrying out activities on the premise of safety.
  • Ensuring that all staff and contractors receive HSE education and training.
  • Planning, designing and operating facilities in accordance with recognized standards.
  • Verifying whether contractors’ operations conform to the requirements of SIPC’s HSE policies and management system.
  • Maintaining communication and information exchange with government institutions, partners, suppliers, peripheral residents and public interest groups.
  • Investigating accidents and incidents, finding out fundamental causes and preventing reoccurrence.
  • Periodically verifying and auditing the HSE management system, promoting effective operation and making continuous improvements.
  • Periodically monitoring and reporting HSE performance.
  • Sustainable development.