Industrial Safety

With the tenet of “Zero Accident, Zero Personal Injury and Death” in safety production, the management ideology of assets integrity and process safety management, and by intensifying management on production and operation risks and controlling the accident rate, the Company applies risk control matrix in recognizing main safety risks in each production process in oil and gas exploration and development. Fulfills the pertinent measures and ensures that various types of risks are controllable. The Company also stresses the management philosophy of proactive prevention, attaches importance in the degree of severity of accidents, focuses on statistics, analysis and correction of minor accidents/abortive accidents, moves forwards the accident management work, practically lowers the accident rate and puts an end to major and fatal accidents. In addition, efforts are made to strictly control the safety on operation links, guide and supervise various safety requirements in operation procedures. Violations against rules are regarded and treated as accidents and strictly controlled during the production and operation for effective safety production.​​