Management System

Since 2006, the Company has been implementing the HSE management system, which consists of one HSE management system manual, 26 management programs and 49 safety operation requirements and covers main HSE management demands on oil and gas exploration development process. This has guaranteed the safety production while guaranteeing rapid business development of the Company.

In 2012, to realize work class HSE management performance, the Company kicked off the upgrading of HSE management system. To define and clarify the orientation in the type selection of HSE management system, the Company has organized the research on HSE management development courses of the global petroleum industry in the past 30 years, made comparative analysis on similarities and differences of the HSSE management of the three major oil companies of Shell, BP and Chevron and made benchmark analysis with the current HSE management conditions of the Company. By scientific difference analysis, the upgrading ideology on HSE system has been clarified and the hierarchical structure of HSE management system has been determined, which consists of six hierarchies of policy and commitment, expectation, manual, program, guidance, system publicity material. It has achieved the complete vertical coverage of HSE systems and norms on levels of leadership, management, overseas supervision and site operation. Innovation is made to divide the manual documents into general HSE manuals and specialized HSE manuals, in other worlds, “Nine Themes, Five Majors”. It has also achieved the complete horizontal coverage of HSE systems and norms on professional aspects of project management, physical exploration, oil and gas well engineering, ground construction, oil and gas production, etc. and enhanced the practicability and operability of HSE management system.