Environmental Protection

The Company carries out the Scientific Outlook on Development, abides by political, economic and social responsibilities, adheres to the ideology of sustainable development and lays stress on resource saving and environmentally friendly enterprises. The Company also follows the environmental management principle of taking requirements of laws and regulations of host country of resources as basic standards, and taking related requirements of Sinopec Group as minimum standards”, develops environment impact assessment on requirements of the host country of resources, values communication and cooperation with environmental management authorities such as the governments of host country of resources and international NGOs; enhances system construction on environmental protection; and intensifies the environmental protection management requirements in HSE system. In addition, efforts are made on positive comprehensive disposal and utilization of the three wastes; reduction, hazard-free treatment and reclamation of pollutants and continuous implementation of environmental protection responsibilities so as to guarantee smooth implementation of all projects under various environmental requirements by the governments of host country of resources as well as harmonious development of production operation and environmental protection.